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4 Remarkable Maine Nonprofits Making a Massive Impact

Maine’s known as a place where neighbors help each other. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that there are incredible nonprofit organizations throughout the state doing incredible work. Here are four Maine charities making the state better for all.

Good Shepherd Food Bank

Good Shepherd’s goal is a state where no Mainer goes hungry. Through its distribution network to agencies throughout the state, the organization connects 25 million meals a year with Mainers in need. They also work with schools, farms, and others to strengthen Maine’s food pipeline.

Learn more at the Good Shepherd Food Bank site.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust

With over 150 preserves, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust aims to keep coastal lands open and free. They also work to build community and prepare coastal lands for climate change. A visit to an MCHT trail or island is a great way to see some of the very best of Maine!

For more information, see the Maine Coast Heritage Trust site.

The MCHT is one of over 80 land trusts throughout Maine. Learn more about Maine land trusts and their work around the state!

Maine Community Foundation

The Maine Community Foundation leads the way on a diverse variety of issues in the state. With programs ranging from scholarships to climate change and racial equity initiatives, the MCF supports nonprofits throughout Maine working on critical issues to ensure a strong future.

Visit the Maine Community Foundation website for more information.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute tackles the issues that affect the unique and fragile ecosystem just off the Maine coast. From lobstering to island life, the Gulf of Maine is critical to the very core of Maine. The Institute combines research, education, and innovation to strengthen the sea for decades to come.

Find out more at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute site.

These are just a few of the hundreds of nonprofits in Maine. If you’re looking to support Maine charities, make sure you also consider the smaller organizations in the state. Your support can make a huge impact for a small nonprofit! The Maine Association of Nonprofits is a great place to learn about the work being done in every corner of the state.

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

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