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Want to Explore Maine? Find a Land Trust

No matter where you are in Maine, there’s a good chance that land managed by a land trust is nearby. Maine’s land trusts conserve and protect everything from forests to islands around the state. Even better, staff or volunteers often build trails on the land, opening up an almost infinite number of adventures in every county of Maine.

There are nearly 100 land trusts in Maine, so whether you’re looking for a quick walk in a preserved city parcel or an exploration of the dense forests of remote Maine, land trusts likely have just the spot for you!

Mariaville Falls (Frenchman Bay Conservancy)
Elevated view of forests from fire tower at Mount Pisgah Conservation Area
View from fire tower at Mount Pisgah Conservation Area (Kennebec Land Trust)
Trail and barn in field at Warren Woods
Warren Woods (Scarborough Land Trust)

Want a unique perspective of Maine? Volunteer for a clean-up or trail work day hosted throughout the year by many of the trusts. Volunteers are often the key to keeping these beautiful lands clean, healthy, and open to all. It’s a great way to make a positive contribution to Maine’s landscape!

Find a land trust near you by visiting the Maine Land Trust Network. And as always, remember to leave no trace when you visit – keep the beauty of Maine alive for future visitors and generations!

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