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4 Places to Spend St. Paddy’s in Maine

There’s a long history of Irish influence in the state of Maine — look no further than Belfast, Newry, or Limerick. Even Derry, Stephen King’s fictional Maine city, shares its name with a city in Northern Ireland.

It makes sense, then, that there are lots of great opportunities to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in the Pine Tree State. Here are just a few of the many chances you have to show your Irish pride in Maine.

Maine Irish Heritage Center (Portland)

Portland’s Maine Irish Heritage Center has a full lineup of events before and during St. Patrick’s Day. Raise an Irish flag; hear author Jack Cashman read from his new book, “An Irish Immigrant’s Story”; or listen to a chorus from Derry (the one in Ireland). And be sure to find a good spot for the Irish American Club’s parade that runs from the Fish Pier to Bell Buoy Park.

For more information, visit the Maine Irish Heritage Center’s site.

Geaghan’s Pub (Bangor)

St. Paddy’s at Geaghan’s is a tradition that stretches far beyond the heart of Maine. Starting at 9:00 a.m., fill your day with music, fun, and some of Geaghan’s own brews. (If you haven’t already, give their Smiling Irish Bastard pale ale a try.) Do a jig across the Penobscot to visit their tasting room as well!

Maine Irish Heritage Trail (greater Portland)

Feel like exploring? The Maine Irish Heritage Trail is a historical tour of dozens of important Irish sites around the Portland area. Ranging from dining establishments to churches to cemeteries, you’ll learn a lot about the important roles the Irish have played in Maine’s largest city.

For an interactive map and details about each site on the trail, visit

Brian Ború (Portland)

One of the cornerstones of an ever-changing dining scene in Portland, Brian Ború is always a great place to enjoy a pint on Saint Patrick’s Day. Start your celebrations as early as 8:00 a.m. with Irish music from the Napper Tandies, and continue all day with great drinks, music, and fellowship.

Have a great St. Paddy’s, and please celebrate responsibly!

Photo by Irene Dávila on Unsplash.

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