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6 Scenic Maine Waterfalls You Can Reach Without Hiking

Maine’s plentiful rivers have been used for everything under the sun: transportation, power… even ice! Those rivers – matched with Maine’s rugged terrain – form the dozens of waterfalls throughout the state.

Many of Maine’s waterfalls happen to be in the more remote parts of the state. Luckily, some area incredibly easy to access; they might even be visible from a road! Here are six of the scenic Maine waterfalls you can reach by car.

Snow Falls (West Paris)

Snow Falls is a popular roadside rest stop along Route 26 in western Maine. A bridge across the falls lets you see a view of the rushing water from above, and trails provide great views as you walk alongside the Little Androscoggin River.

Screw Auger Falls (Grafton)

One of the highlights of the amazing Grafton Notch State Park, Screw Auger Falls is a set of drops with easy access via Route 26. A number of convenient trails follow the flow of water, giving you an excellent chance to see the falls from many different perspectives. Don’t miss the park during fall foliage season!

Royal River Waterfall (Yarmouth)

Looking for an easy waterfall stop while exploring the Portland area? Stop by Grist Mill Park on Route 88 in Yarmouth for a nice view of the Royal River flowing down to the Atlantic Ocean. Learn a little about town history while you’re there. And don’t miss the upstream river crossings and Royal River Park for more great views of the water!

Megunticook River Waterfall (Camden)

If you’re spending some time in Camden, it’s worth a stop at the Public Landing or Harbor Park to watch water cascade from the Megunticook River into Camden Harbor. Grab a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants in the village and then spend some time watching the windjammers and fishing boats arrive.

Rumford Falls (Rumford)

This drop of over 150 feet is situated right outside of downtown Rumford on Route 2. There are great views of the falls from a roadside kiosk along the Androscoggin River. It’s also a convenient rest stop to stretch your legs while you drive through the mountains of western Maine!

Sullivan Falls (Sullivan)

Located between the two mainland sections of Acadia National Park, this Downeast hotspot is a great place to enjoy Maine’s waters. The falls are located just a couple of minutes from Route 1. As an extra bonus, this set of falls reverses depending on the tides. It’s a unique spot to watch water flow into and out of the ocean.

Whether you’re driving to a waterfall or trekking more off the beaten path, enjoy your visit to Maine’s waterfalls!

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